Kireinanina’s Rules

Hello Everyone….^o^…!!!

I hope you don’t mind if I give some requirements and rules in this blog, it is don’t difficult to follow ….(^O^)!!1. Please leave a comment when you are take out and download some file and song from this blog because this is very important!!!,
I take a lot of time to upload this song and [some video in youtube and mediafire]yeah i know this is not at all my video in this site.

2. Please don’t hotlink without my permission!!! OKE..^^.

3. Please credit “kireinanina@wp” when you take out my files.

4. I don’t mind if you add me to your friends list. And please make this blog as a warm blog for building friendship with everyone else and with my self, Of course..^^ so “Let’s be friend..”!!

5. Please, feel free to download some song but leave your comments I take many time to collecting and uploading to shared this one,
I don’t like someone who stole my work without any words at least just for “Thank You”…^^

6. If you have any song requests, you can contact me at “ or you can chat with me with Twitter @kireinanina

Dear, Thanks for read and understand this rules, And i will appreciate our friendship if you can follow this announcment….^^

I hope we can be good friendship…^^Thank You Everyone…..^^

[Rules Posted By Kireiinha]


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